Alcohol Test Kit (.02 BAC-zero tolerance)

Alcohol test kits for one time use. Rated in BAC.

Breathscan? Breath Alcohol Dectector

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Why you need to test for alcohol.
Alcohol is society’s number one drug. Two-thirds of all substance abuse is related to alcohol. Thirty percent of all hospital admissions are alcohol related. It is present in over half of highway fatalities. A major share of American’s healthcare dollar is spent on problems rooted in alcohol abuse.

Since alcohol is the main substance of abuse, not testing for alcohol creates a danger in having one standard for alcohol and one for illegal drugs

An ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure
The answer to the problem lies in a simple technology called BreathScan, the Alcohol Detector.

It is an inexpensive and non-invasive way to screen for alcohol. It is a portable and disposable breath alcohol detector for one time use. BreathScan uses patented technology for simple, convenient testing of individuals any time, anywhere thus providing a foundation for a screening/confirmation system that complies with all substance abuse testing guidelines. Those showing positive levels of alcohol on the initial screen can then be subjected to confirmation through blood-testing.

Alcohol is the number drug choice in today’s societies
Alcohol abuse costs money off and on the job. Up to 40% of industrial fatalities and 47% of industrial injuries can be linked to alcohol abuse. Absenteeism among alcohol abusers is anywhere from four to eight times the norm. The courts have held employers responsible for providing a safe workplace for their employees.

Which is exactly where BreathScan can help. It is designed to help your company enforce its policy regarding on the job impairment. BreathScan identifies the following level of alcohol present in the subject's system:

-As little as .02% Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)
-Low levels: .02% to .04% BAC
-Impaired levels: .04% to .08% BAC
-Legally intoxicated levels: At or above .08% and .10% BAC

Your first line of defense is a low-cost breath alcohol detector
Studies show that as much as 20% of the workforce has a substance abuse problem, with alcohol, drugs, or both. Since your company can be held legally responsible for any mishaps caused by such behavior, you have a stake in keeping your workplace free of substance abuse.

The BreathScan system of screening/confirmation, whether added to your current drug testing programs, or implemented separately, lets you take control of these problems.

The most tested, proven and reliable breath alcohol detector is easy on the budget and easy to use
The BreathScan Alcohol Detector is U.S. Patented and is probably one of the most tested devices of its kind. Numerous independent laboratory tests have established the reliability of the BreathScan tester. Without exception, these tests have found BreathScan to have a high degree of accuracy and reliability. Examples of some institutions where testing was conducted include:
  • The U.S. Department of  Transportation (DOT/NHTSA)
  • The Colorado Department of Health
  • The Denver Police Dept.
  • W.R. Grace & Company
  • The Pennsylvania Dept. of Health
  • Kings College Station, London, England

The BreathScan Alcohol Detector has been on the market since 1987, and because of its proven reliability and demonstrated affordability has become the leading device of its kind in the breath alcohol testing field. It is in daily use by Fortune 500 companies and leading corporations in Europe.

BreathScan® - An Affordable Option

The BreathScan® detector, a disposable breathalcohol indicator designed for one time use, provides an accurate measure of the alcohol present in exhaled breath. Numerous independent laboratory tests have established the reliability of the BreathScan® tester. Without exception, they have found the BreathScan® tester to have a high degree of

accuracy and reliability. While BreathScan® is not suited to be precise enumeration of BAC, it provides clear evidence of the presence of alcohol at preset (and significant) levels and is well suited for use in the field, in the workplace, and at locations where evidentiary testing methodologies are not readily available. It’s ideal to determine whether an individual should submit to further testing. The BreathScan® alcohol detector has been shown to be superior to other disposable alcohol testers. Strict quality control ensures that each tester is properly calibrated, giving the user assurance of consistent tester results. No other r tester is easier to use.

Strict Quality Control
Easy to Use
Unlimited Shelf Life
Unaffected by Temperature Changes
Measure varying levels of impairment

Here's the principle upon which the BreathScan® detector works…

The ethyl alcohol in the blood escapes through the lung tissue into the exhaled breath. The presence of ethyl alcohol in the breath is detectable by a color change of very sensitive chemically coated crystals contained in the BreathScan® tester.

The BreathScan® alcohol detector keeps the chemically coated crystals fresh in a hermetically sealed ampoule until the test is to be administered. Immediately prior to use, the ampoule is ruptured by slight finger pressure on the outer flexible clear tube to release crystals within the confines of the tube. When the subject exhales into the tube, the fresh crystals interact with breath vapor and change color from yellow to blue green, if alcohol is present. If all the crystals change color completely, this indicates that the subject's blood alcohol level is at or over the level being measured for.


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