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Opiate Test Kit

QuickScreen Opiate test kit. One time use with 5 minute accurate results.
Drug Ingestion and the Periods of Detect-Ability:

Drug - Also Commonly Known As

Usual Period of Time a Drug Can Stay in the System

The Maximum Amount of Time a Drug Can Stay in the System of a Habitual User*

Opiates - Opium, Heroin, Morphine, Codeine

2 - 3 Days Same

Drug Test Screening Cutoffs:

Drug of Abuse

Immunoassay Screen

Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry Confirmation


300 ng/ml 300 ng/ml
* Indicates the 5 drugs which are tested for in the "NIDA 5" Drug Screening panel for (DOT) Department of Transportation Forensic Drug Testing Requirement.

Controlled Substances Information:
Drug Type Drug and/or Metabolite (*) Therapeutic Category of Drug (*) Common Names
Opiates Codeine Narcotic Analgesic, Antitussive Codeine also in combination with Aspirin, Acetaminophen, Bultalbital
Specific Drugs and Their Effects:
Narcotics initially produce a feeling of euphoria that often is followed by drowsiness, nausea and vomiting.  Users also may experience constricted pupils, watery eyes and itching.  An overdose may produce slow and shallow breathing, clammy skin, convulsions, coma and possible death.

Tolerance to narcotics develops rapidly and dependence is likely.  The use of contaminated syringes may result in disease such as AIDS, endocarditis and hepatitis.   Addiction in pregnant women can lead to premature, stillborn or  addicted infants who experience severe withdrawal symptoms.
Type What is it called? What does it look like? How is it used?
Morphine Pectoral syrup White crystals, tablets or injectable solutions Taken orally, injected or smoked
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